Christmas Wishlist 

Hey lovelies! 

Are you as excited about Christmas as I am? 

It’s getting so close to the big date and I am no way ready, I have so many presents to get and I have no idea where to start! 

But probably the same as everyone, I know what I would like, and secretly hoping someone gets the hints I’m slyly dropping 🙂 Obviously, some I would never expect anyone to get for me but a girl can wish! 

  1. A Micheal Kors bag, the brown tope bag preferably because it’s a good size and shape and not too big and awkward to carry around but not too small either 
  2. Anastasia Beverley Hill cream contour kit, I did purchase one from aliexpress, it’s a no brand one and it was only €2. It’s fine for the price but I’ve only used it about 4 times and it’s nearly all gone. I’d love one with great choices of shades and acceptable amount of product 
  3. Mac Brushes, again I buy cheap no brands options just to make it that bit easier to put on my face but I would love proper high quality brushes that would help the smoking eye stand out and not look like a massive smudge 
  4. A Camera, I’m caught between a polorode camera or a canon/ nickon. I love how pictures come out on those camera, they are a lot sharper and HD than what you get off an iPhone and a polorode is a lovely way to get a vintage atmosphere/ set up in your bedrooom. I have heard of apps that print and deliver polorode pictures but they are a tad expensive. 
  5. Fairy Light, I’ve moved out of home permenitly for college and I really want to make my room warm and cosy and I’d love fairy lights for around my desk or bed. 
  6. A new Onesie, I have a lion one but I’d love one with no hood, a cosy one for Christmas night beside the fire watching a movie 
  7. High waisted Jeans, I love high waisted jeans, I wasn’t blessed with curves so my hips are basically non existent and I can’t keep jeans up and I hate wearing belts so high waisted jeans are a god sent I only have two pairs so I really need to invenced in more. 
  8. Cosmetic Advent Calendar, I have hinted A LOT to my parents about these and they have no idea what they are I have my eye on the Yankee candle one or the W7 one.  
  9. Stationary, my friends and I did secret Santa last year and thank god my closet friend got me so she knew exactly what to get me. A box full of stationary. My wish is to get a vintage writing set, I love writing letters and the vinage theme is my favourite! I have tried to start a pen pal system with bloggers but I haven’t got anyone on board. I think writing letters and receiving letter is so personal and it’s a lovely way to get to know blogging friends. 
  10. Finally, I would love a cosmetic organiser. My makeup is all over the place. I have bags of makeup everywhere. It would be great to get an organiser to sort out all my makeup so I would be able to see exactly what I have instead of wreaking the place trying to find a certain blusher or powder. 

Thank you for reading. Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and Santa is good to all of you. 
Carry On Blogging! 

Gracie x 


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