7 Movies That Made Me Cry

Hey! I’m Amy from FFB I’m taking over Grace’s blog today with a post about movies that literally made me sob until my heart ached, whilst grace writes up on my blog about movies that have made her shed a tear or two. If you enjoy this post then hop on over to my blog to read what movies made grace cry.

1 – You’re not you


It’s a movie about a married couple who have to come to terms with an illness. Hilary Swank who plays Kate has ALS and her husband (John Duhamel) is constantly worrying over her and treating her like a child. Kate wants to be independent but struggles to do things for herself and after her husband fires her carer/nanny she decides on her own to find someone else to help her during the day so her husband can have some form of life, without having to care for her every need. The new nanny is a troublesome young unexperienced girl whom Kate’s husband isn’t fond of, however the best friendship grows and as time goes on you see, struggles, affairs and death.

  • I literally cried half way through the movie, it’s so heart wrenching to think you could have an illness where you become a shell of a person with no purpose and to feel as though you are stealing the life of your lover and then to find out he’s having an affair on you. It’s typically awful and I guarantee if you watch it, you’ll cry to! Man or woman, this movie will 1000% have you teary.

2 – A Little Bit of Heaven

unnamed NN

Kate Hudson’s best film ever! – She plays a woman who has colon cancer or as she says in the movie ‘butt cancer.’ Whom ends up falling in love with her doctor and they start a doctor/patient relationship. She finally gains happiness in her life and finds ‘the one’ but has to come to terms with the fact that she is going to die. She sets out on an adventure to put things right with her parents and friends and plans her funeral along the way. It’s the most moving film I’ve ever seen and is possibly one of the best acted sensitive films involving cancer that I’ve seen. My Sisters Keeper and 50/50 made me cry but this movie made me sob through-out and for hours after it. Leaving me an emotional wreck with lots of questions about my life.

3 – Into The Wild


This is right up there with my Top Movies, it’s a movie that makes you question a lot. A young boy from a rich family background graduates university and decides he doesn’t want to be tied down by finances and live a life full of lies. He gives his money to charity and destroys his possessions and changes his identity to ‘Alex Supertramp’ – Leavings his family and friends behind thinking as he is no longer alive, he sets out on a big adventure exploring the world until he reaches the Alaskan wilderness. He meets friends and lovers along the way until he arrives in Alaska. Sadly he becomes isolated and eats a poison berry, where he dies leaving behind his diary which reads ‘happiness is only real when shared.’

There were many points in the movie that left me with that large lump in my throat, and when you finally see those wise words written ‘happiness is only real when shared.’ I just lost it and cried like a baby. This film is definitely one that will make you realise a lot about life, make you question it and leave you emotional.

4 – The Last Song

Miley Cyrus plays a troubled teenager who has to spend her summer with a father she basically has no time for. He wants her to continue playing the piano but she is rebellious until she falls in love with a guy she meets on the beach. Only then does she give her father whom has cancer the time of day. It’s a coming of age movie with lots of moving scenes and you get to see the transition of a rebellious teen turn into a responsible adult. I’ve seen this movie twice, once on my own and again with my boyfriend to which I’ll admit – even he cried and had a lump in his throat. Brilliant movie you won’t want to miss.

5 – Touched By Grace


A young girl who is friends with all the wrong kinds of people, whom plays tricks on school pupils and bullies her way through life has to move away to a new area where she knows nobody. She befriends a down syndrome named Grace and realises that she isn’t the person she used to be and wants to change her ways. She becomes inspired by Grace but becomes distracted by two of the schools ‘it girls’ who bully Grace. The two ‘it girls’ decide to throw a prank on Grace and put the blame on Cara (Stacey Bradshaw) but unfortunately the prank goes wrong and Grace ends up dying.

  • A coming of age movie with a deep message – pranks aren’t just for fun, sometimes they can go wrong. I was finally happy to see a movie that involved Down syndrome characters that portray the struggles of being accepted by people who are looked at as ‘normal.’ For that reason alone, it made me cry, the world we live in can be very cruel.

6 – Detachment


A movie that it totally bizarre, it flips between film and documentary. One minute you’re watching a film and the next minute you’re listening to speeches from the lead character on his camera. He is a teacher in a school who sees a lot of students who are going through all different kinds of body issues and struggles in life. He tries to help them but becomes overwhelmed by it all. He also takes in a prostitute and tries to help her get off the game. It’s a questionable movie and will keep you focused. I was glued to the screen and again blarted like a baby.

7 – UP!


This movie is sentimental. It’s kind of how I feel about my own home. I’d never want it to be someone else’s, or to be destroyed. The movie is an animated children’s film of an old man who has lost his wife. Construction workers want to knock down his house but he won’t allow it. In the end he ties 1000’s of balloons to the house and flies it away to live on peacefully, however a young boy scout gets taken along on the journey and a lot of struggles are endured on the way but as always, there’s a happy ending! It’s so sad to watch as he tries to save his home, he can’t let go of ‘their’ home and their memories.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to read Grace’s version on my blog www.freshfacedbliss.co.uk! Did you cry to any of these movies, if not, what’s had you crying before?

Amy xo


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