Starlight Award

Starlight Award.

Thanks you Selenita for nominating me for this award.

So this is how it works, I have been given 3 questions to answer, I answer them and nominated more bloggers to continue the chain. By the time this goes up everyone has probably already done it but anyway let’s get to it.


You must thank the blogger that nominated you.

Link their blog and a profile of theirs

Answer your questions.

Nominate more bloggers and give them 3 questions to answer

My questions:

  1. Why did you start your blogging journey?
  2. What scares you the most about your online presence
  3. Describe your perfect Sunday
  • I started this blogging journey because the equality referendum was coming up and there was a much “bullshit” no campaigns circulating and I had enough for it. A booklet came in the letter box stating 7 reasons why you should vote no. This didn’t settle with me at all. I had to say something and I needed platform so I could be heard over all the nonsense that a small percentage of the population was vomiting. I was reading and following a lot of bloggers over the leaving cert because they were writing a lot of relatable stress and anxiety about the exams, with a few good predictions about the papers. Then I had a brainwave. They had so many people’s attention that I thought I could do my bit for the yes campaign and get the people’s attention on a positive side. My intention for this blog was to share my opinions on certain topics and to have somewhere to voice my frustrations, although there has been some alterations in my posts ranging from beauty, hauls and tags like this one, I do want to start getting more opinions out there and I’m actually surprised about how many people agree with me since IRL a lot of people seem to disagree/ contradict me, so I guess you could say I stared my blog so I could be heard.
  • I have to say, although I’m pretty opinionated, my biggest fear about my online presence is saying something to offend a lot of people. IRL I don’t care if people don’t like what I have to say or if they have a problem with me in general, but, real life is a lot smaller scale than the whole World Wide Web. To put it simply, remember what happened to Penny, in Girl Online, her blog went viral. I know there was different circumstances and it’s a fictional story, but that right there is my worse fear. I don’t want my blog going viral for the wrong reasons and have every one, strangers, hating me and sending me nasty, hurtful messages.
  • My perfect Sunday would be a day out. I never do anything on Sundays, I’m usually catching up on assignments, sorting notes and organising a study plan that I never stick to. When I was working, I rarely ever had Sunday off because that is when the hotel was its busiest. So during the summer when I did manage to get a Sunday off I had to do something. I couldn’t do nothing for the day because I would feel like I wasted a day off. One Sunday my sister and I went to the beach, another Sunday we baked a cake and my favourite Sunday was when we all went to Beamish. We spent the day talking to the people there about old England when the mines were there, we even went down the mine, to see what it was like for the men and boys as young as 5 years old. It was an experience I won’t forget and I recommend you all to do it.

Your Questions:

What do you find the hardest about blogging?

Who knows about your blog?

What do you want to achieve out of blogging?

I nominate EVERYONE

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x


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