I am sure we are all pretty familiar with the 50 Shades Of Grey triligy, well, I have read the first book, just to see what the big deal was. I was pleasanly surprised with that I read. Despite all the slagging E.L James received.


The story is set in Seattle/ Portland in America. Anastasia Steele is an aspiring publishing graduate who steps in for her friend, Katherine Kavanagh, to interview Christian Grey for their school newspaper. She’s clumsy, shy and as Grey like to think, a “natural submissive”. She literally falls into Greys office on the morning of the interview with pre prepared questions wrote by Kavanagh. Grey and Steele awkwardly greet each other and they settle down to the interview. After all questions were honestly answered by Grey, Steele leave his office feeling relieved it’s over and slightly embarrassed about the show she made of herself, especially after asking him if he was gay.

Despite their attempts to forget each other, they seem to find it deficult to stop thinking about each other. Christian, having a dominating personality, purposesely finds excuses to “bump” into Steele. He went to Claytons, the hardware store Ana worked at to buy random supplies such as a rope and duc-tape. He agreed to go to a photoshoot for the school newspaper where he asked Ana to join him for coffee afterwards. They slowly became closer and more obsessed with each other. Eventually compelling Christian to approch Ana about signing a contract to consent her submission.

Ana is a virgin, had never heard of such a lifestyle but she was interested in Christan and became increasingly intrigued in his sexual habits. The more Ana showed interest the more protective and obsessed Grey becaame. She told him about her love of old english literature and all the classic writers, he found this as an opportunity to get her First Edition novels, prompting her to drunk call him on her graduation night. This mad him angry, worried and paranoid. He was staying in Portland, where Ana lives, for business, he tracks her phone and finds her holding onto her friend, Jose, for balance. Jose was trying to hook up with her in her drunk state, which did not sit well with Grey. He gets Jose off her and holds Ana’s hair back while she vomits in a flower bed. He caringly brings her back to his hotel room where he puts her to bed to sleep off the alcohol she consumed that night. The next morning Steele finds her clothes washed and a glass of water and pain killers left beside the bed.

The couple only get closer after these events. Grey continues to shower her in gifts such as a iMac and lots more. Ana asks a lot more questions about the contact and his liftstyle, getting some abgiguous answers. After getting a slight taste of what it all entailes, she agrees to be his submissive, but doesn’t sign the contract. Grey tries to train her to behave in a manner he deems acceptable. Including, not drinking excessively, doing as he asks, relaxing her sarcastic mouth and being in his Playroom whenever he wants her. Ana becomes better and better at following these rules as we read more into the chapters.

Until, she wants more. She wants “flowers and hearts” and as Christian made crystal clear “[he] doesn’t do hearts and flowers”. This puts a strain on the relationship/ agreement. On one particular night Ana asks Grey to “make love” to her. Christian complies because at this stage he will do anything to get Ana to sign his contract. This is where we get a deeper look into why Grey is the way he is. He doesn’t like Ana touching him. He tenses up and a wash of fear swallows him up from the inside-out. This poses questions for Ana and us readers.

After persistance Ana gets some answers out of him, he simply says he was brought up in rough settings and calls his mother a “crack whore”, thinking he had answered Ana and our questions, but all it did was leave us with more questions and assumptions.

Ana’s committement goes back and forth. Their obsessions grow stronger and stronger. Grey’s determination grows more intense. Until finally Ana breaks under attisipation and wants to know how bad the “punishments” can get. He brings her into the Playroom and pulls out his belt.

The 50 Shades of Grey book is all about what is going on in Anastasia Steele’s head when Grey is being protective, dominate and obsessive. However, E.L. James graced us with the story on Christian Grey’s side. It is the same storyline and setting but this time, we get into the mind of Grey in all the situations. I can honestly say reading 50 Shades of Grey, I was always so pissed off with Grey for not softening and becoming the boyfriend Steele wanted her first love to be. BUT reading Grey, I absolutely fell in love with Christian Grey. He couldn’t help the way he was, he didn’t know any other way. He went through so much growing up with a crack head prostitute of a mother and a man, we didn’t get his name, who would beat young defensless Grey. We are there watching him helplessly fall in love with Steele. His confussion and determination resinating with us every step of the way, willing him to let go of all his barriers and insicurities.

I don’t want to give away anything more, there is so much more to read. You honesly get so attached to this couple! If you haven’t already read this book, I strongly recommend you run out and get it ASAP. I honesly think Grey is a lot better read than 50 Shades of Grey. I can’t stress how much you actually fall in love with this man. I could’t leave the book down. I don’t know what to do with myself now that I’ve finished the book and Christian is out of my life.

If you have read either book, tell me what you thought of them in the comments I really love to hear what you think.

Thank you for reading!

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x


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