Sorry, sorry, sorry. I know I have been MIA for so long!

They last time I was here, I was living in Newcastle for the summer, working in a hotel, I won’t give you the name but let’s just say its nickname is “Slavery Hall”. As you can only imagine it wasn’t the nicest place to work, but let’s be honest, money is money at the end of the day!

While I was there I check out what the big deal was about Tinder. I won’t give you the long story, basically I met someone. His “canny” and we’re actually still in contact and trying to arrange flights to see each other again. Random I know. My summer in Newcastle was a mixture of things, when I started working I was exhausted barely able to do much on my days off bare sleep! I got a lot closer to my sister and brother in law, which I am delighted about because they have been together forever and I never thought I had much of a relationship with my brother in law but the summer fixed that, I finally have a big brother now. In the middle of all of this I was having a little summer romance!

When I finally had to go home I had mixed emotions, I didn’t want to leave Newcastle, I didn’t want to leave Consett and I definitely didn’t want to leave my sister and brother in law. However, I really wanted to get back to college/ uni, I missed everyone so much! Over the summer I had missed 3 of my friends birthdays, meaning I had missed 3 drinking sessions but let’s be honest I made up for that as soon as I got home. Literally, walked in the door to a house party. I Love my Friends.

I got home the weekend before college was starting. So once Monday came the (first) party was over.

This year has hit me like a tonne of bricks, in the face, I’m studying Bioscience in Carlow because I love BIOLOGY. Turns out you cant have biology with chemistry and maths. I HATE chemistry and maths. So my anxiety is back. One mention of exams and I’m curled into a ball in the corner of the room rocking back and forth!

I’ve started reading Zoellas Girl Online, I know it’s about time, im actually nearly finished, by the time this goes up il be finished and I will write a post about it.

So, to sum up, I worked and romanced in Newcastle for the summer, finally formed a relationship with my brother in law, living in Carlow with ZERO broadband and sitting in a ball of anxiety in the corner of the room.

But don’t get me wrong im happy, just bored, anxious and ready for summer 2016 right now

Love you all for not forgetting about me while ive been living in a world with no WiFi. Trust me I still exsist

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x


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