Haul #2

Heya Lovelies,

I went shopping. This time I didn’t forget my bank card. Lush and Primark and a little bit of Superdrug were calling me, I couldn’t ignore them.

Lets get stuck in:



THE EXPERIMENTER! I am so excited about this bath bomb! It is so colourful and smells like surbert! it is amazing. They demonstrated it in the store and it was like going back in time to the 60s. Multi- colours exploded in the water and left an amazing scent. I am really looking forward to using this.

I also gave a pound to charity and got this little pot of hand and body lotion. This little beauty leaves your hands feeling silky smooth. I also got my sister her birthday present, but she reads my posts and I don’t want to spoil it for her.



£5.00- On sale, I have been looking for a good sized handbag for a good while. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I seen this for just £5.


£8.00 Each set was £8. I don’t see the point in spending too much money for bras when, lets be honest, I’m not the most gifted woman in that department. So Primark’s finest will do me


£1.00 Because who doesn’t pick up whipes in Primark. They always catch you while you are at the till.


£6.00 Ahhhhh!!!!! I actually can’t express how excited i am about these pajamas! Lion King is bae! I have lost count how many times I have watched this movie! I couldn’t leave them behind!


£2.00- Sale, I love the style of this top and for just £2. You can’t go wrong. I’m thinking a nice pair of high waist jeans would be a very nice outfit to sport.



£6.00 Of course I couldn’t go home without some MUA in my bag. I’ve wanted this palette for so long, it was finally in stock! I love the dusty pink tones and having the eyeliner and highlighter included is a lovely bonus.

That is my little haul from todays shananagans. Hope you enjoyed it and find a few bargains yourself.

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x


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