Life with 4 eyes

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would talk about what it’s like to have glasses.

I got my first eye test in primary school. I was told I was slightly short sighted but I don’t need glasses, every 2 years after that I got an eye test and every time I was told I was slightly short sighted but there was no need for glasses.

The most annoying part of these eye test was each time I went I got a different person doing the test and each time I was told something different. I was always short sighted, but one person would tell me I didn’t need glasses, then I was told I did need glasses but it was up to me if I wanted them and the last person told me I was alright, there was no need for glasses.

Last week, I was in Tescos and I was given a leaflet about a free eye test. Since I knew 2 years had well gone since my last test so I went to check what the catch was, to see if it was actually free. It was! So I went to get the next free appointment and it turned out there was one that day. I did the test, which consisted of, reading the letters as usual and in one part I had to state which circle stood out clearer, the one in the red square or the one in the green square. The woman then put the massive gray glasses(that you only see in an eye test) on me and tested different lenses out on me. When each lens was put on I was asked to read a line of letters and state weather it became worse or clearer to see. Finally at the end of the test, I was finally given a straight answer about if I needed glasses.

I bought black frames with a blue tint around the bottom. Single lenses.

2 weeks into the glasses I am already starting to rely on them so much! I can no longer read anything without my glasses. When I take my glasses off everything is blurry and feels really far away. I couldn’t get over how much they suited me (not modest at all) Although now I am being constantly reminded how much I look like my mother and sister.

Just a little post today, hope you enjoyed it. I would love to follow some more bloggers and to get to know my readers, please leave your links below.

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x


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