What I Got For My Birthday?

Heya Beauties,

Yesterday I finally left my teenage years (whoop whoop).


I spend the night with my mother, eldest sister and a lovely friend. We went to a Cabaret Show, which it was amazing. Hosted by Miss Ruby! The show was camp, musical and ranged from The Lion King to Riverdance. Miss Betty Legs Diamond was a main star and with a name like that you can imagine the extraordinaries those legs can do! These girls would put anyone to shame, legs 11 and eyes that sparkles to the back of room. I could only wish I was just as talented. The show was 4 hours of “stunning costumes, amazing choreography and side splitting comedy” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Last night a group from Chester-le-St got an awful grueling and was hilarious. When Miss Ruby found out we were Irish, the stereotypical northern Irish accent was thrown at us but it was still pretty funny and we found out Miss Ruby herself is from Cork!

Anyway this post is suppose to be about my presents, so here is what I got:

  1.    LS Watch- My aunty bought me this and I just love it. As soon as I seen it, I thought of my grandad and the watch he always wore. It is pretty similar to this one. I am not really watch wearer, simply because I never had one long enough to wear. The last watch I remember wearing is a bangle style watch that my sister bought me which fell off me while I was playing kerbs and shattered.IMG_1040[1]
  2. Rose Gold Necklace- My older sister bought me this. I love this so much. The little diamantes are gorgeous and rose gold is the autumn must have colour. Since Zoella admitted to her rose gold/ copper obsession I am seeing it every where! I am not complaining, it is amazing!IMG_1044[1]
  3. Owl Change Purse: This is so cute and I love having change, I think it so handy especially while I’m here in Newcastle because I need change for the buses. Also this purse will come in handy when I’m back in Carlow and going out, I won’t need to bring my bank cards out with me. Yes I am responsible now that I am 20.IMG_1041[1]
  4. Owl Travel Mug- I know my friends in college are going to be well jel when I show them this mug and the purse. I will overuse this lovely. I love tea, coffee and hot chocolate. This is going to be my saving grace in college. IMG_1042[1]

I had such a good night and I want to thank everyone for the presents and birthday wishes!

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x


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