What is in my Bag?!

Hello again,

Today, I’ve decided to do something girly! I doubt it is going to be that interesting but if you are feeling nosy keep reading!

I bought my bag in a shop called “Pulse Accessories” in my local shopping center in Ireland. I loved the butterflies and the two straps are so much easier when I’m shopping, with my bag on my back it gives me more hand space to pick up a lot more things I don’t actually need 😀

Lets Crack On;

  1. Radox Pure Clear 48hr Antiperspirant: I bring this bag to work and I clean around 13 – 15 rooms a day, depending how busy we are, so as you can imagine, I would be sweating a lot, seen as I have 30 minutes to clean each room. This is nearly gone and I bought it at the weekend. Don’t worry I shower every day after work.
  2. My Purse: I bought this lovely treasure in Shaws in Wexford and I absolutely love it. I was mad for a River Island purse but I was’t going paying 22 euro for a purse, so while I was down at my friends house we went shopping ( of course) and she brought me into Shaws, which I thought was only for old people, but it actually isn’t, there was Quiz and A|Wear in there too. Anyway, I seen this and liked that there was a zip in the middle for change and a lot of card holders, which I need and it was just 12 euro BARGAIN! 
  3. My Keys: I’ve had the same lot of keys since I got my very own house key when I was doing my Leaving Certificate, I don’t know why it took so long for me to get my own keys. This lot keys have evolved over time. There used to be so much more between locker keys and keyrings, but I didn’t need the locker key anymore and the keyrings just fell off. The purple hat was crocheted by my ex boyfriends mother, she made loads for my family because my sister got Hogdkins Lymphoma, and purple is the colour of the ribbon for HL cancer. I also have a bottle opener keyring, which does come in handy in college.
  4. Pins and Needle Card: So it is my birthday on Sunday and I have always wanted a tattoo. I have it booked for the 18th and I am super nervous, my sister keeps telling me how painful it is going to be. Anxiety is through the roof! Pins and Needles is the place I’m getting my tattoo done. They are in Newcastle and if you are thinking about getting a tattoo and your around the North East, look at their work. They are class!
  5. MUA Luxe London Lip Lacquer: This is in my bag because I was wearing it the day I booked my tattoo and me and sister went for lunch in Frankie and Benny’s in Newcastle so I brought it to top up after lunch. As most girls do.

Obviously my phone is in my bag most of the time but I need it to take pictures of everything else so it won’t be featuring in this post. Other than that, that is all that is in my bag, wish I had a more stylish bag to show you but it was easier to travel over with this bag, I have my eye on a lovely handbag in Matalan, yes of course, because I am a cheap bitch, but you love me really 😀

That was fun, I’d love to see what is in your bag, comment your links and i’ll have a snoop!

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x

Ps: Sorry for the bad photography, there’s no sun to be seen today. 


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