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Hello 🙂

This is one of those evening, where I have no work in the morning, I have my bulmers in one hand and my music blaring in my ears!(music in, world out)

Earlier on this evening after a LONG day at work, I read Eloise’s post on the Netflix Tag and I thought it was such a good post I wanted to share my Netflix experience. Lets get to it!

  1.  What are your favourite series to watch on Netflix? Without a shadow of doubt it has to be, Orange is the New Black. I got hooked on this straight away, 13 episodes per series is just not enough. I actually got withdrawals when I finished series 2 and has to wait a year for series 3!! When I started watching OITNB I was using my boyfriend’s, at the time, netflix account and by the time series 3 came out we were no longer together and I was too cheap to subscribe and pay for my own account but then my friend reminded me of the month free option, which I thought I already got but I’m not sure if it is because I am in England now and my location has changed but I got a free months subscription and literally 2 days, 2 days is all it took for me to finish series 3 of OITNB!! To be very honest I am slightly confused about my sexual orientation since seeing Ruby Rose! Another series you HAVE to watch is, Orphan Black. This is the most confusing, mind-fucking series I have found on Netflix, thanks to the help of my nearest and dearest friend. I know it is on E4, I’m not sure of the days and time, but you have to watch it from the start on Netflix it so SO GOOD. I can’t say anything without spoiling it, so just go watch it and thank me later. I also really liked House of Cards, I got so far into the series and love it but life took over again and I couldn’t find the time to get back into it but it was gripping when I was watching it.
  2. What are you currently watching on Netflix? I have just started series 2 of Rupauls DragRace , but to be fair, I’ve watched 2 episodes because I haven’t had the time to get into it with work, to be truly honest I have’t had the time to pee these days because of work! I started watching this after seeing Rupaul on a chatshow, I can’t remember which one and I seen a preview of it and thought “hell yeah, there’s drama and bitching, I shall be watching it!” I haven’t got to the drama yet, I’m still just getting to know the girls but hopefully I’ll find some time to dive into it.
  3. If you could have any series, new or old put on Netflix, what would it be? Toughy, because most of the series I can think of are already on Netflix. Maybe, Friends, just so every series would be at a arms reach. I did hear they were going on Netflix, but maybe that is just in America. I honestly can’t think of any thing else and I know once this post is published I will think of loads that I should have said!
  4. What is your one peeve about Netflix? I have to agree with Eloise, that America have a lot more choice than the UK and Ireland. Another thing would be, there are so many repeats on Netflix and a lot of old programs and films that I have seen too many times, that’s why I was reluctant to pay the subscription.
  5. What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix? I have only recently started to watch Netflix on my own, I only started with Netflix when I was with my ex boyfriend. Those night were filled with a lot, a lot of goodies from Tescos and cuddles, usually watching House of Cards. Now it consists of, my college hoodie with the hood around neck, chocolate, earphone and a big duvet.
  6. Recommend one series or film for someone else. Out of all the ones I have mentioned. Orphan Black is the best recommendation I can make. Again, I can’t say much without spoiling it, but you have to tell me when you’ve watched it. Trust me, you will be thanking me until my ears bleed when you get hooked.
  7. Name a series on Netflix that you keep meaning to watch, but haven’t. I’m never really in a rush to watch anything. I have giving up on starting a series because I don’t have time to get involved in them. I say ” involved” because, I always get emotionally attached to the characters in a series and I swear it is like a break up when the series ends. I have heard a lot about Suits so I might try start that, but i think my free month will be up by the time I get the chance to start it. I have absolutely no interest in Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars I think I might scream if I see something else about “A”..I don’t care.

That was such a fun post to write. I miss Netflix so much, but it actually kills me to pay for it. Don’t be too shocked when the free month is up and I don’t care for Netflix fanatics. Trust me, it is just jealously.

I tag SarahHolly,Paris and Jennifer. Send me your links girls!

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x


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