Hello Everyone!

So today, because I have a day off I jumped at the chance to put on a face and I thought I would share my look with you.

Foundation: I have tried so many foundations from the expensive side to the cheaper options. My skin doesn’t agree with anything else except Rimmel. Right now I am using Rimmel- True Match Foundation in Ivory, I have used a lot of Rimmel foundations including the 25 hour foundation and the Wake me up foundation. All of which, are just as good as each other. I couldn’t choose a favourite. Ivory is the best colour for my skin in all of these foundations and I have to say Rimmel gets the coverage right every time, it never looks to caked and they always cover enough. I’m glad to say I’m fortunate enough to have okayish skin. I only ever get the odd spot here and there and they never stay around for too long. I’m lucky really, considering I don’t have a skin care routine.

Concealer: Up until only a few weeks ago I had never used concealer and now I haven’t a clue why I never chose to use it. I underestimated the impact concealer has on the overall look. I use W7 Cover Stick with Tea Tree Oil and it really brightens up my face and the tea tree oil calms down any redness I have around my nose. I apply this after my foundation and blend it in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. 


Powders: There are a few powders to get through for my everyday look; Rimmel Stay Matt Powder: In Peach Glow, I apply this after my concealer and only where I have applied my concealer. It immediately gets rid of any shine around my T-Zone, but doesn’t leave a cloudy look of powder, if you know what I mean. Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder: Again, I don’t know what I was thinking but up until last year I never contoured, but I have learnt my lesson. I will never go back there again. I haven’t explored a lot of contours and at the moment I’m only using my Bronzer to contour, but pay day has raised it’s beautiful head (FINALLY) and I will be investing in a good contouring kit but I would love your help. I want to get a good, affordable kit, if you could, please leave some suggestions in the comments and if you have any reviews on kits please leave your links. MUA Mosaic Blush: In English Rose. I have done a review about this blusher in a previous post but I love this blusher, I will probably never stray from it. There is more detail in the post linked above.

Eyes: For shadow, as you may already know I only use my MUA Heaven&Earth palette because it is so versatile and browns just suit my eyes to a tee! Today I’m wearing Cata-comb all over my lid, Canyon in the crease and Bedrock on the outter corner. Followed by my MUA Luxe Voluminous Felt Eyeliner; Liquid eyeliner is something I have only recently mastered the art of, thanks to this liner. This is a marker which makes it soo much easier to apply. I have tried so many types of liner and they always end in disastrous panda eyes! So I had to stop until I found this. I will never use anything else. Rimmel Scandleyes Pencil Liner: I use the darkest black pencil and it the last addition to every eye look. It goes on my water line and leaves me with fierce dark eyes. I use a lot of different pencil liners and they are all just as good as each other, I don’t think I’ve met a bad pencil liner since I’ve started wearing makeup. Brows: Again, this is only recent. It is only in the last 2 years I have noticed this trend, when it is done right it is a really nice definition piece but I think there are still some people that need a little bit more practice. I use Essence eyebrow designer in 02 Brown. Trust me I have had a lot of ridiculous moments with eyebrows, I started out using Black eyebrow pencils, that just made me look very evil and gave me massive bushy eyebrow looks. I have learnt a lot in the past year (THANK GOD) and after some trail and error, I have concluded that an eyebrow pencil in BROWN is the best fit for me. Mascara: There are so many to choose from but I have “borrowed” my sisters Benefit Get Real Mascara and I absolutely love it! I’m not left with that caked, dry, hard mascara texture on my lashes when it is on for a couple of hours. My lashes feel soft, thick and voluminous. I doubt I will ever buy this for myself because it is so expensive but I think I have found a good replacement for it in the W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara and it is only £3.

Lips: In this look I am using the W7 Lip Twister Lipliner. Which I love! It goes on so smoothly and lasts a lot longer than I expected. The only bad thing I have to say about this is there is a small bit of glitter in it but to be fair it is only noticeable when your right up in the mirror putting it on, no one has said to me that I have glitter lips.

So, that is my #motd, don’t forget to leave some suggestions for contour kits in the comments, I look forward to hear your advice!

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x


2 thoughts on “MOTD

    1. teatoastandtelly says:

      Thank you! Oh yeah they are all amazing. The 25 hour foundation go on so smoothly it’s amazing! I got a reaction to the catrice foundation and when it calmed down I went straight back to Rimmel and it was like putting on silk! 😍


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