Disney Is Shit


Don’t Worry I love Disney.

Disney has been ruined, although that could be its karma coming back to haunt for all the false hope it has given us since the 90s and previous. Disney tells the common fairy tale of unfortunate princesses meeting a handsome prince, who she falls madly in love with after knowing him for 2 days.


The Princess, shows this unrealistic perfect, flawless complexion that we have grown up aspiring to look like. The false lashes, airbrush photo- shopping and perfectly lined lips and figure. All of which, have been inspired by Walt Disneys’ Princesses (and of course the media, of all kinds, but this is a rant about Disney- I’ll get to social media at another date).

The Princes, have us believing men should be brave and be buffer than can be possible without a little editing here and there and small bit a filtering. Men, you can have beer-bellies and if you want to scream when you see a spider then by all means scream at the top of your lungs!

To take a cynical view of Disney, I refuse to teach children about cartoon created versions of a happily ever after. You don’t need that special kiss from a randomer you met 2 days ago. It is false hope and kids need to be taught some reality.

The only Disney film I believe portrays the right/correct message for children is Frozen, yes the song is unbelievably unbearable at this stage. Elsa’s “true love kiss” was from her sister, showing easily persuaded kids that family is just as

powerful as a “true love”. FROZEN

90s Disney was 100 times better than the crap they are showing these days. My nephews have no idea what they have missed. Remember Lizzie Maguire, Suit Life of Zach And Cody and That’s So Raven? Classics. Speaking of classics, my all time favourite Disney film has to be The Lion King. Nothing can compare to it. After watching it maybe around 1000 times, I still get emotional when Mufasa dies!

In the comments, tell me your favourite Disney film and program and I want to know what do you think of Disneys’ morals and weather the channel has improved or has it gone down hill? I look forward to hear your answers.

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x

Sources: OlafDisney Princesses


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