10 Random Songs 

Hello Blogsters 

So as you know music is a staple in my life. I literally can’t function without it. 

So I had this idea to go through all the music channels on television and make a list of the songs that are playing(because I love lists) and write a little opinion piece beside each song. 

Let’s go: 

  1. Not Letting Go – Tinie Tempa ft Jess Glynne ➡️ The song has held the number one position in the charts for a couple of weeks now. I think these 2 artists work so well together. Jess Glynne’s voice is so different to what we have heard in a long time, she makes this song come alive.
  2. See You Again – Wiz Khalifs ft Charlie Purth➡️ It is starting to get annoying because it has been over played a lot but when it was first released I am guilty of replaying and replaying it again. It is such a lovely, meaningful tribute to Paul Walker. I love the power of music! 
  3. Hey Mamma – David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj➡️ I have an obsession with Nicki Minaj and all of the Collabs she had done with David Guetta. Myself and one of my best friends replay Nicki all day everyday and make it our mission to know all of her rap verses. I am very proud to say I know a lot of her verses and I am usually the one at the house party shouting out her rap at the top of my voice
  4. Heya – Outkast ➡️ This is one of those songs that suits those home- alone hyper moods that possess you to go crazy and dance and sing all around the house- you’re not the only one 
  5. Bad Blood – Taylor Swift ➡️ This girl is my guilty pleasure. I hate that I like her because I hate how she has changed her style to get number 1s. She came out as a country singer, now all of a sudden she is a pop star. Also, she has to have some break up to have a number 1. I’m not sure that is the best message to be sending to her fan base. 
  6. Bang Bang – I love the rhythme of this song, of course, I know Nicki’s rap in the song. The only thing I don’t like about this song is Ariana Grande. She is just not my cup of tea. I skip passed all of her songs(this being the exception) I don’t think she fits into this video a long side the diva herself Nicki and the fierce Jessie J. She looks too innocent and reserved to be featured beside two women as out spoken and sexy as Jessie and Nicki 
  7. Cheerleader- OMI ➡️ This is such a feel good song. The lyrics would make any girl feel like a cheerleader. Also, it is brushing with summer feelings that gets everyone excited for sun, sand and sea 
  8. A Million Love Song – Take That➡️ This just shows you how random my music taste is. Everyone needs a slow ballad to belt out every now and again. I would be stuck between this and Whitney Huston – I will always love you. I will be the first to admit I haven’t got a solid note in my head but I will belt this out with all my heart – when no one is home, the doors are locked and the curtains are closed. 
  9. Timber – Pitbull ft Ke$ha ➡️ I know this is old enough now but it was a tune, it makes you want to dance and the beat will forever be catchy. Ke$ha’s voice gives it a rusty, country feeling that is shown in the video. 
  10. Pass Out – Tinie Tempa➡️ The beat is what makes me stop when this song is being played. Tinies rap is so random and funny and shows his joking side and his accent just makes it! Labrith’s voice in the background helps it be a catchy tune and gives people something to shout out in the club. 

Hope this made of some good reading. Let me know your favourite booty shaker and power ballad. 

Carry On Blogging! 

Gracie x


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