Hey Chickas

As the title says I will be writing today about empties. To be honest it will be more of a post about the two Lush products I bought a couple of weeks ago, they are featured in my Haul post. I can’t believe they are empty already!

Lush DreamCream Shower Smoothie: 

IMG_0920[1]This is the best body wash I have ever used! I was surprised when my skin felt clean after using it. I expected it to ease the itchiness but I thought it was going to leave me feeling greasy and that I would have to use another body wash to feel clean, but I was wrong! I was literally squeaky clean getting out of the shower! It did sting where I had split opened the skin on my arm from the itching, but it wasn’t a painful sting, it was more like a -it-is-working- sting.

When I first opened this, I immediate fell in love with the colour ( FYI any shade of purple is my favourite colour) I wasn’t too sure about the smell. It has a very strong calamine scent but don’t worry it doesn’t leave a unpleasant smell on your body. You are left feeling extremely clean and fresh, you’re literally squeaking!!

Lush DreamCream Hand and Body Lotion 

HAnd  The sales assistant in the store I went to offered me the oil based version of this, but I didn’t like the consistency of it on my skin, so I chose this one. Mostly, because the assistant massaged it into my arm and I’m not even lying I was nearly falling asleep in the middle of the store! Applying this after the shower locks in the moisture my skin desperately needs! The smell of this is just as strong as the Shower Smoothie but again, it does not leave a strong smell on your body. The calming scent of Oat Milk is really relaxing and your skin is left completely moisturised.

I have being using these products for about 3 weeks(give or take) and I want to cry with happiness about the results! For the past 5 years since the psoriasis started I haven’t found anything that works. Not even prescribed steroid based creams have worked!! I am so over-whelmed, I have emailed Lush to thank them.

If you have Psoriasis or anything similar, please do yourself a favour and get yourself to your nearest Lush store and get these products and don’t be shy to ask for help because if it wasn’t for the sales assistant that helped me I would not have found these products and I would be left with what I had 3 weeks ago.

This product did not only help my skin. I am happier in my own skin because of it. I can wear t- shirts and string tops now without constantly thinking people are staring at my arms. I don’t have the fear of people thinking I have some contagious disease. This product has giving me my confidence back and my personality is back to the bubbly, loud way it used to be.

At £11 each, it not much of expense when you see the results, it’s worth it!

Carry On Blogging Lovelies!

Gracie x


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