Few of My Favourite MUA Goodies

Hey Bloggers! 

So who doesn’t love MUA?? I can’t remember how I found them, but I am so happy I did! I mean, who doesn’t like lipsticks for £1 and unbelievably good eye shadow platelets for just £4!!!

Well I can’t get enough of these beauties!! I’m surprised my local Superdrug store hasn’t stopped me from buying most of the products they have to offer! I don’t really give anyone else a chance.

So lets get started on some of my favorites and let me tell you… this was such a hard decision to make! 

MUA Mosaic Blusher – English Rose 

IMG_0885 blushLove it! This makes such a difference to my look. There are so many pigments put together it makes my complexion look a lot more awake and high lighted, I don’t even need to use a separate high lighter, this baby is 2 in 1 for just £2.50, your eyes do not deceive you!

MUA LUXE Voluminous Felt Eyeliner 

eyelinerclose up.jpg eyelinerObsessed!! You can go as thick or as thin as you like, it is super easy with like marker style pen. I would recommend this to everyone and especially to all the newbie make up buffs because you can’t go wrong with it, it is actually impossible to make a mistake with this liner, and this is coming from someone who hands shake like there’s no tomorrow!!

MUA LUXE Lip Lacquer 

IMG_0890This is in the colour Halcyon. I love this becuase it does not move off your lips at all!! Although, you really need to make sure you have put some lip balm on before you apply this because it is super drying!! Look at this packaging though! It looks a lot more expensive than it actually is, its only £3 and there are so many amazing colours.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette 

eyshadow close upThis doesn’t need any introduction, does it? As you can see I have used it a little bit. Every shade is unbelievably pigmented. It is my go-to palette everyday and I am forever getting compliments about my eyes ( I’m not that vain) All MUA palettes have the best reviews and I can’t wait to get more!! At £4 a pop I’m going to get them all!! The Elysium Palette is the next on my wish list.

There are my MUA favourites but I want to know yours! Tell me in the comments. What should I include in my next mad MUA spree??

Love you all,

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x


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