Haul – Mix and Match

15 – 06 – 2015

Hey Bloggers,

Since I have moved and trying out new things, I’ve decided to write my FIRST EVER haul post. Today I had to go to Newcastle for an interview so decided to pick up a few things while I was there. It didn’t really work out that way. I’m broke now. I went to Eldon Square and Metrocenter, I fell in love over and over again.

Here are the goods!



IMG_0864 I am glad to finally say- I am no longer a Lush virgin!! I went into the store, not really wanting to buy anything but then, the sales assistant came over to me and she was so nice and so easy to talk to. I asked her advice on what products to get for super dry skin. She brought me over to these babies. On the left, “Dreamwash Shower Smoothie” this is for in the shower, like a body wash. The girl massaged both of these products into my hands and I swear I was nearly falling asleep in the store, even now, after smelling the shower smoothie I feel so relaxed. On the right, “Dreamcream hand and body lotion” this is the best smelling thing I have ever smelt EVER. I have just put some on my hands and OH MY GOD they have never felt so soft. Definitely the best 2 purchases I have made in my entire life, even if it has made me £22 poorer than I already was, but its so worth it. Of course, I shall be doing a review on these babies and something tells me it will be a positive one!


IMG_0863Ok so who doesn’t go into Primark and get a packet of tights every time! They are essential. I got these ones because I thought the lower denier would suit the summer because some leg can be seen through them but if the weather doesn’t work out they will be handy to layer up! Primark never fails to please me and for £3 for a pack of 3 it’s working out as £1 each so.. BARGAIN 

IMG_0865 I kind of just bought this because it looked cute, it was on the shelves on the way to the till (thats where they get you) and it was 80p so can you blame me!! To be fair I hate waiting for my nails to dry so I thought this may help me but I think thats enough justification for this product…

IMG_0866This nail polish remover is so much more easier to use than a normal bottle. Theres no need for tissue, cotton pads or any mess at all. Just dip and twist!! Also it was a pound so….justified!! 

IMG_0867I picked up this tan because I’ve heard so much about Primark tans and I have used them myself and loved them! I use the ST. TROPAZ tan and I’ve always chosen it over COCO BROWN. So when I seen this sitting there looking gorgeous I had to pick it up and guess what?…It was £2.80 …. JUSTIFIED!


IMG_0862I actually don’t have eye shadow brushes because I have my eye on a MAC set and I’m waiting until I am rich enough to buy it. So this was £4 from H&M and it kind was an impulse buy because it looked so pretty and so fluffy IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GOING TO DIE!!!! I can’t wait to use it and get my smokey eye on!

IMG_0868 Awwh look at this dress though! It was £8.. A must have. I’m going to a barbecue this Saturday, so this is why I bought it. I love the print on the dressIMG_0869 LOOK AT IT!! The colours are so summery! I’m so in love with this and the fit is so comfortable and it is the type of dress you could dress-up and dress-down so it’s good to go in all weather.

That was my little haul that left a big hole in my purse but I doubt I will worry to much about it. NO REGRETS!!! 

I will do a review on the Lush products and if you would like to see reviews on anything else, let me know in the comments.

Love you all,

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x


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