Dealing with Stress//Anxiety 

I have mentioned in my Exam Anxiety post I was going to write about how I deal with it. I have realised in the last month or so, some of you have to deal with stress and anxiety too. 

My stress is primarily caused by exams , which has proven too much for my skin and overall health. My anxiety is also caused by exams but also by fears I have and can’t get over (there’s a back story, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing that yet) 

Instead of giving you long ass paragraphs to read, I thought you would prefer a bullet point list of some of the little things that help me. 

DISCLAIMER: This is what helps me and I hope it helps you. I am not a doctor or any sort of professional but I really hope you find some comfort and help from this post. 

  1. Talk to someone you trust: It could be your mother. Momma bears usually have the best ears and the most comfortable shoulders to lay on. Maybe you have a serious boyfriend/ girlfriend who will be there for you. Even a friend could be the help you need, they can be great friends when you really need them. 
  2. Music: Earphones are the best inventions to date!! Put those bad boys in, turn up the tunes and dance it out! Scream and Shout if you have to, get it all out!!!! 
  3. Walk//Run//Keep Fit: The summer is beginning to grace us with it’s presence. Get those running shoes on! See that hill? Beat it!!! Getting air and keeping fit helps to clear your head and take those deep breathes you need. 
  4. Scented Candles: This might sound crazy but certain smells can help you calm down. My favourite? Fresh Linen and White Cotton! Having a calm and relaxed environment gives you the space to breathe and calm yourself down. 
  5. Take your mind of it: I know, easier said than done. Try. Tidy your room, light the fire(I know-weird- this is what I make myself do) little things can do so much, even if it’s just for 5 minutes or 5 hours do anything you can do to take your mind off it. 
  6. Create your own space: Mine is my blog and my bedroom. It could be the kitchen or in the middle of a field!!! Having your space, where you feel safe and secure, can help you be you! Which will remind you there is always more to life than what is causing your stress/ anxiety. 
  7. Get a back/neck massage: This one is my favourite! Having someone getting the right spot can instantly relax you and helps you instantly forget why you were stressed or anxious. Find that person who relaxes you and tell them to work with their hands and if they refuse tell them it has been tested and proven by teatoastandtelly. If you need to, get in contact with me and I’ll sort them out 😜

I hope this has helped you and please like this if you have found some comfort you can find me on Twitter, I’m here to help! 

Carry On Blogging! 

Gracie x


10 thoughts on “Dealing with Stress//Anxiety 

  1. Lauren Nicole O'Hara says:

    Thanks for sending me your link! I don’t know if you’ve seen it already but I have also done an anxiety posts, but it my story rather than full of helpful things to stay calm. Though I do explain what I do. Great post, it will educate those both whom do and don’t suffer from this illness.

    I also read your love for stationary post too. I share your obsession with stationary – I have a stash of notebooks that haven’t even been used, but every time I go to a shop and see a cute notebook I have to have it even if I don’t need it. It’s a sad, sad, thing….. joking, i love my obsession haha!

    Much love x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. teatoastandtelly says:

      I haven’t but I will definitely go over now and have a look! More posts about anxiety need to be posted so people can get educated on the subject and can stop saying it’s not a real thing!
      Oh wow!! Thank god I’m so weird!! I can’t help it its literally the best feeling getting new notepads! I love the first day of college/ school when everything is new!!


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