My secret-not so secret Obsession 

Is there anyone out there who shares my love for stationary! 

I can’t explain the feeling of getting new pens and notebooks. How a new, clean notebook looks is out of this world. 

This obsession has taken over my life ( not really- but kind of yeah) 

When I am in Tescos I have to go look at the stationary, I might not buy anything but if I do it has to be something good. I loved the week before school is back after summer holidays and I got to go in and get all new pens, notebooks and folders. 

I hate Bic pens! What is the point in them, their blue pens are grey!!!Staedtler and Papermate FTW!!! I also hate black pens in general i will never write with them. If there was only black pens in the whole world, I would never write again!! 

Why am I writing about this? 

I get into weird moods to write. I either have to write something or I have to colour something. (My birthday is soon – that colouring book looks cool) Yes I am 20 years old this year… 

My favourite stationary shops are Tescos, because it’s the closest to me and Paperchase, but there is none close to me. Whenever I am over in England I make it my business to go to one and look at all of the stationary!! Roll on this summer, I shall be in there everyday of the week! 

I can’t count how many notebooks I own. Most of them I don’t write on, but that’s a good thing, that means I really really like them.

This has to be my all time favourite notebook. I have a year. I still haven’t wrote in it. 

I sound so weird. I also have OCD about my handwriting. Once, in school I wrote a 3 page essay and obviously, by the third page my hand was killing me. My handwriting started to look sloppy… I rewrote ALL THREE PAGES!!!  I am the exact same with my notes for college, I constantly rewrite my notes until they are good enough. 

If you have read my other post about Lists and OCD you already know my obsession with that. It’s a sick obsession, I don’t know how or why it started but I kind of like it. 

Share you weird obsessions in the comments! 

Carry On Blogging! 

Gracie x 


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