For All The Newbie Bloggers 

Shout out to all the Newbie Bloggers!! 

You go Glenn Coco!! 👋🏻

Firstly, well done for starting a blog, you’re the bomb!! 

I am recently a newbie too. I’ve had my blog just a few months. I wrote my first blog on the 1st of April this year(it was an April fools) it was just an introduction post. I was so nervous when I posted it. I wasn’t sure if I was wasting my time. I mean, seriously, who would read my posts?! Surprisingly, a lot of people. I was so shocked of the response I got. You would be shocked how many people like to hear what you have to say!! 

When my friends and family started to read my posts I got really embarrassed. I can’t explain why but I just wanted to hide under a rock when they’d tell me they’ve read my posts. I was surprised when they told me how good I am. It didn’t make sense?! I got a C2 in English, I am not that good at writing!! I just like to voice my opinion. 

After hearing how good I’m doing, I got over the nerves and embarrassment. I just accepted the compliments. 

What responses are you getting? 

I think the worse part is trying to explain what a blog is?! Most recently, i had to try explain what blogging was to my mother, who was comparing it to writing in a diary :/ I didn’t know what to say to her. 

Who knows about your blog? 

How do you explain it to them? 

The best aspect of blogging has to be the opportunities that come with it. I have been approached to go to L.A because I have a blog, I have been invited to a meet in Dublin and now I’m organising my own meet up in the Newcastle, County Durham area over the summer because I’m moving over there. If your interested DM me on Twitter

Do you get nervous about meet ups?  Honestly, I haven’t been to one yet but, I honestly think they are the best way to get to know other bloggers and allows you to get involved in other events 

Advice for Newbie Bloggers 

  1. Don’t worry about number of views – blog for yourself not anybody else 
  2. Join group chats on Twitter
  3. Promote your posts like there is no tomorrow 
  4. Tell the bloggers you read how much you enjoyed their posts and ask for advice 
  5. Try to be a regular blogger 

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