The Simpsons v.s. Reality

To all my followers,

If you don’t know who the The Simpsons are, don’t read this post and go to Sky One, RTE 2 or Channel 4 and get educated!! 

I was raised on this masterpiece, every day at 6, like clockwork I was parked straight in front of the television which in the good old days had RTE 1 and 2 and TV 3. 

Growing up I was convinced The Simpsons was basically my family in yellow! 


  1. There’s 5 in The Simpsons family, there’s 5 in mine. 
  2. Homer,the dad, loves his drink and doesn’t mind putting it first, basically my dad in yellow!  
  3. Marge, the mam, nags and worries 24/7, stresses about the family while Homer is in the pub. 
  4. Bart is the oldest and cases the most tourment, but also provides the best entertainment, although my sister,Sinead isn’t the oldest, she was exactly like Bart when she was younger. 
  5. Lisa, the Middle child, is a book worm and a straight A student, my eldest sister ,Fiona, is the long lost sibling of Lisa Simpson, she’s the smartest out of all of us. 
  6. Finally, Baby Maggie, Is me!! The baby of the family, the innocent one, that never gets blamed of anything but obviously I haven’t shot Mr. Burns. 


Random post, I know. But I mean it, if you haven’t seen this show, get out from under your rock. Just thought I’d post this because it was something that made so much sense to me. 

I hope I’m not the only one with a dysfunctional cartoon like family. 

Leave your comments below. 

Carry On Blogging! 

Gracie x 

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