Public Transport 

Hey Bloggers! 

I am currently on the bus home from my boyfriends. I am getting the bus home.  There are many reasons why I hate public transport. 

  1. The bus drivers make up their own prices 
  2. People are smelly 
  3. The awkward small talk with old people 
  4. Old people 
  5. There is no worker on the platforms at train stations to help you 
  6. There’s no leg room on buses and trains 
  7. Buses don’t run every hour so if you miss it your stranded then you have to listen to the irritating nagging off your mother 
  8. People can’t whisper 
  9. The drunks 
  10. Having to sit before a smelly stranger. 

There are a few of my reasons for hating public transport. What’s yours? Share in the comments! 

Carry On Blogging! 

Gracie x


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