Marriage Equality

There’s no time for greetings I’m just going to get straight to the point.

Today a colourful leaflet flew in the door. It read “7 Great Reasons To Keep Marriage As Is.” This title intrigued and angered me, I had to read the nonsense to prove to myself I wasn’t going mad.

Inside, there was 7 colourful reasons as to why people should vote no on 22nd of May. I read them and I read them again, just because I couldn’t believe what I was reading because I actually thought we were currently in the 21st century and not in Middle Ages, where there was narrow minded idiots that thought the world was flat!

I processed all 7 reasons and decided to respond to their idiotic behaviour:

  1. Marriage Deserves Special Care. – This “point” states, “marriage predates the church and state. It has existed throught out history and in virtually all human society” “it is the natual environment for raising children, giving them the best chance of stability” My answer to this is, firstly, the church is mute the bible never mentions gay marriage/ equality was a sin. It never mentioned 2 men or women getting hinched was a bad thing, that was the narrow minds of easily persuaded people. Matter of fact, the bible states Jesus had 12 disciples who were all MEN, maybe you should think a bit harder about your “one and only”. Secondly, you can’t trust socity, socity has ruined people’s lives, socity doesn’t get a say anymore because society is just as narrow minded as the people in it. So what if all girls are not anorexic and all men are not 6 foot and muscles. Fuck. Society. Lastly, gay marriage can be just as stable for children as heterosexual marriages are. Chances are they will be more stable since a lot more thoughts goes into having children in same sex marriages because they want the child! They would be no unwanted teen pregnancy, there will not be children been born for the social welfare money, the children won’t be growing up with step brothers and sister or half brothers and sisters, there will not be raindow families in same sex marriages.
  2. Difference Not Discrimination- This bright spark says “your decision will have far- reaching consequences for children, education, employment laws, equality legislation, freedom of speech and religious liberty” if you vote NO of course your decision will have consequences, children will lack in the education of love and respect and of morals and most importantly self acceptance. Children need to learn whoever they fall in love with is accepted and they will be respected for it,doesn’t matter what sex their loved one is! Weather your employed will depend on your work ethic and your dedication to the job not your sexual orintation unless your employer is just as narrow minded as this person. Your no vote is the polar opposite to equality. Equality means to be equal, level playing field, treating people the way you want to be treated. Freedom of speech? How about freedom to love, freedom to express yourself in any way you like? It’s obvious the writer/s of this bullshit are freely expressing these right so why are they not letting everyone do the same? Il tell you why, because they are ignorant in all meanings of the word, they are insecure and my guest is they are to afraid to come out of the closet! Let’s not get religion into this, if you have read my other post it will explain my views on that. Let’s not forget what priest are capable of.
  3. A Child’s Identity is Important – This refers to same sex couple procreating its says “donor- conceived children are often deprived of important information about their identity and genetic make-up” Obviously, the couple who care for the child will have all this information and every one has an identity weather they have 2 mothers, 2 fathers or no parents. Everyone has an existence and everyone has the right to live their lives how they please. If they want genetic make up they can get a blood test and if they have to wait until they are 18 then they will wait until they are 18! And to repeat my last point, a lot more thought goes into bringing a child into a same sex marriage so obviously a “donor child” will be loved and nurtured just as much as any other child.
  4. Civil Partnership Already Gives Legal Righs – “Civil Partnerships already gives legal rights and public recognition to same-sex unions” Sorry not sorry, that’s not good enough, why should LGBT’s get phobed off. That reason is an insult! It sounds like your just trying to sugar coat the fact that same sex couple are being patronised, that’s like telling a child “there’s your sweets now leave me alone” excuse me, think again if you think your getting the easy way out. Same sex marriage is happening weather you like it or not because this is 2015, this is the future, this is the 21st century.
  5. Keep Ideology Out of Schools-  “pressure will be placed on schools to teach that same-sex relationships are no different from the relationship between a man and a woman” Of course they should be thought this, they go to school to be educated, to learn not to judge. ” Parents who sincerely believe that there is a “distinction” will find it difficult to ensure that their values are respected in their childs classroom” What about respecting your child’s values and opinions, what about teaching your child to have his/her own opinion and respecting each other’s views? If people opened their eyes to this changing world they might learn how to work together and how not to be so judgemental.
  6. Protect Conscience Rights and Freedom – ” Any business connected with marriage or weddings could find itself before the courts if it refuses to provide its goods or services for a same – sex marriage” I don’t see any problem with that, it is discrimination, if they refused a black or mixed raced person the same would happen. The customer is always right, have they forgotten that sweet heart? They provide a service and they should do so with a smile, it’s all money at the end of the day and their ignorance shouldn’t get in the way of other people’s happiness and celebrations. If they were any sort of businessmen/ woman they would do their job right and forget about their own nonsense.
  7. Every Child Deserves A Mothers Love – This last reason is the most rediculous of them all, I want to quote the whole page because it’s all so argrivating!! One of the points I snapped at was “if marriage is redefined, men and women who marry will be denied proper state recognition or celebration of the distinctiveness of their Union” This is not a competition this is about love, this is about committment to the one you love, this about respect. This reason paints marriage itself as a game, as if it is a race and it not a status competition either, they need to learn the real meaning of marriage and love. Marriage is a legally binding contract the committed couple sign to show their absolute undivided love for each other.

To put the cherry on the cake, at the end of this scrap of paper, in pink writing it says ” There is, however, a clear difference. Men and women compliment one another” Does anybody else find this hilarious? We are not flavours, sweet and sour couple heading to the cinema with a sweet chilli couple? No that makes no sense. What does make sense is that 2 men or 2 women together look just as good together as any man and women would, if not probably better looking, have you seen most of the gay men around, they is hot!

Thats the end of my rant, if you know my blog you were expecting my opinion on this shite anyway! Had to be said, we can’t have them thinking they can walk all over the people with a heart!

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Gracie x


6 thoughts on “Marriage Equality

  1. Diane Brander says:

    I agree, it’s just ridiculous. To look at it in a very simplistic way, I’ve never understood why people care what other people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Straight or gay – who cares? It’s a modern world, thinking should have moved on. If people don’t like the thought of gay sex, fine. They don’t have to watch. Gay people don’t (usually) act in a promiscuous way in public just as straight people don’t (usually) flaunt their sexuality. Nobody wants to see that, whatever their sexual preference and it is of course illegal. That being said, the important issue is the love between a couple or parents and child/children. Love does not discriminate based on sexual preferences. Children need love and security. Same sex couples can provide that just as well as straight couples. Marriage is the union of two people in love. Why does it matter if it’s man-woman, woman-woman or man-man? I know a couple of gay men who have recently legally married and adopted a little girl, a little girl who had a rough start to life and needed love and security. I don’t think she cares that she has two dads. She has balance. She has a good life. She will grow up to be more understanding and accepting of people who don’t conform to the norm. A few more people like her in this world and these sort of publications will cease in years to come. Let’s hope so.

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