Hey Blogger!

This is just another rant so feel free to join in. 

I’ve just opened yet another snapchat story from the “friends” I’ve had since primary school. In fact! One of the girls I’ve known 20 years this year because we were born a week apart and we were basically brought up together. I thought we were going to friends until we old and grey and on deaths door.  But, obviously not! 

Leaving primary school, I went to a country school 20 minutes drive from my house and all the girls went to the local town school. We told each other we would keep in touch. We did for 2 weeks at the most. After that we barely text. 

Going into 5th year, I changed school to the school all the girls were, for a number of reason, because the girls were there wasn’t one. For these 2 years were got close again and I was with them nearly everyday over the summer hoildays. 

Then college came along! I obviously went to a different college than the girls and again the girls stuck together like glue and went to the same college. Again we told each other we would stay in touch, we didn’t really, not as much as I wanted to. I would text them at the weekends and ask them to call up and catch up but something always came up! 

Over the Easter hoildays and the previous summer hoildays I would get snaps and see stories of them going out, I wouldn’t be invited. I hate seeing their stories and the pictures on Facebook of the night out. They upset me because I wasn’t even a thought. I mightn’t want to go out or I mightn’t be able to go out but I would like to be asked. To be considered. To be thought of. But I’m not. I’m forgotten. I don’t matter anymore. It’s like the last 19/20 years meant nothing. This sounds like I’m in love with them or something but you know what I mean. 

Thanks for listening to this rant.  I might sound like a nag, add your thoughts in the comments. 

Has this happened to you? 

Talk to me 🙂 

Gracie x


7 thoughts on “Friends? 

    1. teatoastandtelly says:

      Diane I have honestly tired my best to stay in touch with them I’ve asked them to keep in touch when I text them to call up for a chat I get no reply or even worse they tell me they are calling up and then they don’t I think I’m just going to delete them off everything to save me the torment of seeing them


      1. Diane Brander says:

        😦 Difficult situation. Sounds like your friends aren’t very considerate. Maybe you’d be better making friends who are more like you. I hope you get it resolved.


  1. stylingcanvas says:

    Hi dear!
    I definitely understand and can really connect with this because I have found myself in a similar position over the past couple years to the point where I let it get to me and let’s just say, I was not in a happy place.
    I’m sure the right people will show up in your life when you least expect it, and the rest is just a matter of team work from both parties. Wish you the best and if you ever need a friend or someone to talk to, I’m here! ❤

    Love + light


    1. teatoastandtelly says:

      Hi 🙂
      Thank you girly, I nice to know I’m not over reacting and I tell you my college friends are ones for life they have been so good to me since I started in college I’m so glad I have them. The girls at home, I have to cut ties they are just a torment and as you said it’s teamwork on both sides and it just feels like a one sided effort. You have me here too I’m just a few clicks away and it’s comforting to know there is people around for you 🙂 x


  2. kibloggs says:

    Hiya Hun,

    I know I’m a bit late here, but I have been in your position! I actually moved out of the area where all my friends grew up, and had the similar thing. But it actually made me realise that sometimes you’re friendships are based on convinience and habit, as opposed to an actual friendship.
    I know it’s upsetting when you see them out, but take this as an opportunity to work on other friendships that perhaps you hadn’t really considered too much before, and in the long run you’ll develop real, tight friendships! xx


    1. teatoastandtelly says:

      Hiya, thank you, that’s a lovely comment, I’ve actually moved far away from home I’m living in Newcastle now for the summer! That is so true it was just convenient because we lived right beside each other but since college started we’ve all been so busy. Now I’ve just stopped putting in the effort to keep in contact with them. Sometimes I may get a text off them but not as often as before.


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