Blogging: The Basics


1. Although you can blog about absolutely anything in the world, make sure you center your content around a topic or topics that you’re passionate about. Food, fashion, travel, music, books, films, poetry, photography, arts and crafts, interior design, politics, gaming, gardening, makeup, parenting – the options are endless.

2. Be yourself. If you’re starting your own blog, you probably have a few bloggers that you look up to. Be sure not to emulate their style – do your own thing.

3. Though the top-tier bloggers (the 1%) make lucrative amounts of money, do not get into blogging for the cash. The only reason those bloggers are so successful is because they spent years developing their sites before making a significant income. You may never make money from your blog and you have to be okay with that.

4. Seek out bloggers who enjoy the same types of things you…

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