Is Faith Everything 

Sitting, Standing, Kneeling, Chanting….

I’ve Had Enough!

Just to state, I am an opinionated, independent thinking scientist and I understand if some people don’t appreciate this post but I will remind you this is an opinionated blog and I use this platform to express myself.  I will happily read your opinions in the comments.

Firstly, I was brought up in a Irish catholic household, with religious grandparents and in a church going school. I made my communion and confirmation. It was a must do to go to mass every Sunday. When I grew up and started to get more independence, I started to think more for myself, I asked a lot more questions and started to really question what I was believing in.

Secondly, I believe this questioning behavior is a result of my grandparents dying 6 months between each other, which was a lot to deal with at a young age of 11 years old. I asked my religion teacher in secondary school if I was ok to question what was drilled into me when I was growing up.  I challenged my mother, who was determined to get me back into church and would always tell me “if you don’t have your faith, what have you”.

Lastly, I would like to clearly explain what i think of the church and faith. I honestly don’t believe theres a man/woman GOD, who created the world we live in, i honestly don’t believe theres a place called heaven, where everyone goes when we die, I honestly don’t believe we should live our life how GOD intended it. This is why, I don’t believe in  GOD because honestly, I don’t trust it, imagine this, we go through life believing we meet this imaginary GOD who will open those golden gates to rest. What if it’s all a lie, what if when we die we are laughed at because we were so gullible. There is no proof, so why should we believe a notion! Also it is proven that science created the world, the big bang, physics and chemistry created the world, evaluation created human.

 I don’t believe there is a so called heaven, who invented this? its a easy way out for fear! Obviously, death is a fear for everyone so people need to believe there is going to be a safe place in the end. Why should we let fear cripple us ( there will be a post on slapping fear in the face). People need to start standing up for themselves and let go of the safety blanket. Its time to face the facts, there is a slight chance you are believing a lie.

I don’t believe we should live our lives how GOD intended it because its our lives and I wouldn’t allow a living man or woman dictate how i live my life so why would i allow Him or Her do the same. Who agrees? Another thing, Mass, it honestly makes me feel claustrophobic, i feel like im in a cult, i feel like i don’t have free will like i have to chant with everyone in the church. Has anyone else noticed its like everyone around you is brain washed, they are like wide eyes shells praising an echo. It scares me to see people mindlessly following a ritual that came out of no where!

I am sorry if this post has offended anyone. This is an opinion post and I would love to hear your opinions.

Carry On Blogging

Gracie x


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