Exam Anxiety

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Lets cut to the chase,

I have suffered from anxiety over exams sinces my junior cert!! I wasnt really sure what it was at the start because it was so young and it wasnt something that was talked about, i was always told i was just stressed out, which i was! It got progressively worse over the leaving cert, to the point i was having full on panic attacks over class tests!!! I remember clearly calling my boyfriend bawling, barely being able to breath because i couldnt do my maths homework!!!!! It sounds so ridiculous!! But it was so scary because i didnt really know what was going on. Everytime this happend, it was like the room was closing in on me, i could hear my heart pounding out of my chest, my hands got so sweaty and my breathing got short and faster. I hated when it started and it would be because i could not retain the information i was studying and i was so frustrated and angry with myself. I read up about it and started to watch the youtuber Zoella (https://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390). She was a life saver!! She openly talks about her anxiety and gives tips on how to deal with your anxiety. In my opinion her best advice was to get up and remove yourself from the situation to try control your anxiety. She also advised to use music as an escape route. I use both of these and i have to say they work wonders! Now when I’m studying for college, which is the most stressful experience i have ever gone through!! (I have some study tips that help me cope with my exam anxiety and really help retain the information! If you are interested in hearing about them and want me to write about them let me know in the comments!) i get up from the desk and walk out of the library, which is where i normally study, and go get some fresh air to clear my head and it actually really help! i also listen to a lot of music and i have a specific playlist that helps me i will also write about that if you want me just leave a comment to let me know. I know this sound very familiar but it actually help, that is talking to people about it because at the end of the day a problem shared is a problem halved!  The anxiety still affects me when i think about how close the exams are but then i think about everything I’ve learnt about controlling the panic attacks and deal with it and take control before it take over me. Now that issues such as anxiety are being talked about more often then before its getting easy to deal with and easier to talk about

I hope this has helped some of my readers, as I’ve said above if you want me to write about study tips or a helpful playlist please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments and if you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful please like this!

Carry On Blogging!

Gracie x


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