The Chicken and the Egg

Anecdote: So basically, I was in the middle of a phone call with my boyfriend and he told me he cracked an egg for breakfast (or something a long those lines) and there was 2 little egg yokes in the shell.  I was next to tears crying down the phone that he can’t eat the egg because there was once baby chicken twins in it. Apparently, there was never a baby in it. There’s different types eggs. Basically, I always thought, there’s chicks in the eggs we eat. So like, the egg that we eat is the state before the chick is born so basically we are eating the embryo (which thinking about it is actually disgusting!). So I told my boyfriend this thought process, and he looked at me as if I had 10 heads!!! And now I’m currently in Durham with my oldest sister, and last night I told her this story and she thought the exact same as me. So we ask her husband who reacted the same way as my boyfriend so obviously me and Fiona looks so ridiculous so I decided to google it because when in doubt Google it!!! I found out  There Are 2 Types Of Eggs.  I know I sound so unbelievably stupid but I’m not even lying I honestly thought my whole life that the eggs we eat could have been chicks if they were left long enough and I’ve only found out recently that hens have to mate to have chicks!!! This might be the most stupid post you have ever read but it’s so honest and I would love to hear if anyone thought the same and what revelations have you made this Easter break?! 

Carry On Blogging! 

Gracie x


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